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Big D

Big D of Doo Wop Vault - Bio

Big "D" of the Doo Wop Vault started out hosting a radio & TV political talk show back in the early 90?s. After growing tired of debating for four hours a day, he decided to host a Doo Wop program after receiving a great response from listeners when he played some records from his collection during breaks.

He left WPEB and moved his show over to WURD, then to WNJC, and now with 12 stations broadcasting the Doo Wop Vault, Big "D" is proud to be part of Panoramic Radio.

So here it is, the Doo Wop Vault, home of the 1950?s early 60?s Doo Wop, R&B; vocal groups, rock, Rockabilly &Acappella.;

We play the A sides, B sides, the album cuts and obscure groups, plus the classics we play the best sound in town, the best sound around, the best sound ever to be put down on wax. So just put up your feet, relax and enjoy all the rare wax.